Another update on the USFS issues

Update on USFS:

This past weekend, two of our AMRA members were on their own claim and were approached by one of the USFS LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officer) in Stanislaus NF. It was LEO Rosas whom we’ve identified and named as one of the agency’s LEO’s who has in the past, disregarded the civil rights of the miners and ignored the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.

LEO Rosas pulled into their campground and apparently saw this bumper sticker (I proudly support AMRA). Her demeanor was super-duper-sparkly friendly towards our miners and all she requested was if they had a campfire permit, to which they did, but it wasn’t signed. Ms. Rosas even signed the permit for the guys instead of citing them.

She was very nice, cordial and friendly.

This is precisely why we made these bumper stickers, so everyone out there knows they are under the protection of the law, and are backed by people who know the law…….AMRA.

Truly a good story.

3 thoughts on “Another update on the USFS issues

  1. The Permit was not Signed by myself, Which LEO Rosas was kind enough to to allow me to sign in lieu of a citation.
    all together a good day mining


  2. How can I get a couple stickers? Do you have any on hand or would you be open to me assisting in getting some more made? Thanks for all your hard work and dedication AMRA


  3. Thanks for sending along the AMRA stickers!! My CJ7 is wearing it proudly!

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