Another update and screw up by the USFS

It is Wednesday evening and we wanted to share one more thing the USFS has done to AMRA.
Pictured here is a “Notice of Violation” for “occupancy”. This is given out to people who over stay their 14 days on public lands while camping. It was dated July 18th and given ONLY to the three AMRA dredges, no other miners received this. We had camped for a total of 4 days when the violation was issued. Perhaps they are fortune tellers and know the future?
This is yet another in a long list of blatant harassment issues we are dealing with. As of this minute right now, we have only camped a total of 11 days. Apparently the USFS thinks normal laws don’t apply, they just make them up as they go.
Tomorrow at 4:30 is the deadline for the second notice of non-compliance and we are being commanded to get out of the river by then. No, we won’t and we won’t bow to an illegal permitting scheme by Cheryl Probert (who needs to resign).
Honestly, in all my years with AMRA, I cannot recall such incompetence within the USFS. Giving someone a violation notice for something that has not happened is a new one to us. It is shameful what this NF is doing to their reputation, not to mention the exposure to litigation.
USFS, you might want to check your manual, you’ve screwed up again. And by the way, our camp is incidental to our mining operation so your little notice is illegal…..again. We will be staying as long as is necessary to finish our season and it is perfectly legal, you might want to research that before you do another illegal move.
Come and cite me or…
Quit harassing us.

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