Another example of government using a suction dredge to help the environment

We stumbled across this article posted on another Facebook forum this morning on suction dredging.
This little Proline dredge, which has been demonized by environmentalists, the EPA and USFS is being used to create a clean riparian waterway and remove noxious weeds in Idaho.
All across America, Federal, State and local agencies are using suction dredges to create fish habitat, remove toxic metals like mercury and lead, create spawning beds and as can be seen here, removing noxious weeds.
As you read this, does it anger you? It does us and it begs the question of why, when we post issues we ask you to comment on to our lawmakers, why don’t you comment? Our biggest frustration (next to a tyrannical government) is you not speaking out and putting pressure on lawmakers to stop this crap.
I used to be like most. I would sit in my kitchen reading the news every morning and would get angry, but I did not call my Senator or Representative, hell, I didn’t even know who they were. We MUST unite, speak out and become that powerful force we know we can be.
Join us, speak out, be heard and we can change these policies. We are communicating with the Trump Administration and every time we do, they ask if our people are calling their Senators and Congressmen. Every time.

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