Another economy and mining killing Executive Order

This just in, Mr. Obama has just signed a Presidential Memorandum (Executive Order) commanding the EPA, DFG, USFS, BLM and other management and regulatory agencies to adopt new regulations to further mitigate potential harm to the environment.
Here is a segment of this memorandum:
Section 1. Policy. It shall be the policy of the
Departments of Defense, the Interior, and Agriculture; the Environmental Protection Agency; and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and all bureaus or agencies within them (agencies); to avoid and then minimize harmful effects to land, water, wildlife, and other ecological resources (natural resources) caused by land- or water-disturbing activities, and to ensure that any remaining harmful effects are effectively addressed, consistent with existing mission and legal authorities. Agencies shall each adopt a clear and consistent approach for avoidance and minimization of, and compensatory mitigation for, the impacts of their activities and the projects they approve.

Let’s put this complete run around Congress into layman’s terms:
What this will do is allow the EPA and other agencies to write new regulations to make it so costly to do anything on public lands, or just outright make it impossible to do activities on public lands. Take note the language says “caused by land or water disturbing activities”. What is land or water disturbing activities? Fishing, boating, small mining, pumping water for irrigation, camping, hiking, firewood cutting, metal detecting, mushroom picking, berry picking, bird watching, skiing, kayaking, skin diving, and a litany of other innocuous activities people have enjoyed for hundreds of years without damage to the environment. So what has changed?

Political ideology.

Our Government is now in full dictator mode, ignoring not just the Constitution and enacting economy killing executive orders, but taking political activism to a whole new level. We can all blame the Republicans as well as the Democrats. The Democrats support these moves and the Republicans do nothing to stop it.

We must unite with the other groups these types of acts affect or we will soon be France. Reach out to a friend who is one of these groups and educate them, I’d be willing to bet they have no idea what is coming.


For the full text of the PM, click HERE

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  1. Thank you for the information provided to me about the new attempt of our gov,t is making to destroy the American dream!

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