AMRA update

Update on AMRA claims and other stuff:

As many of you know, we sent a team out to Nevada to mine a few prospects we were provided with and wanted to thank Ken and his crew for mining this. They really did a detailed and thorough job of prospecting this. Unfortunately, it did not meet AMRA’s expectations. We are prideful in the fact we have the very best of the best of claims and this one has decent gold, but not enough to pay members their gas money to and from. So we’ll pass on these like we do 10 claims before we pick up one.

We are announcing a new claim, “1000 holes’ which has been discussed in here over the past 3 months and contains virgin deposits. For AMRA members, we will be posting this on the site next week for availability. It has water for a 6” dredge and that is precisely what we intend to do in the next few weeks. Thank you Rick and Mike for picking this up for all of AMRA.

We had a volunteer, Matt contact every Sheriff in the Mother Lode to inform them of Ochoa’s decision that the moratorium is “unenforceable” and have provided them with a copy of his ruling. Several were happy for the miners, some didn’t give one damn about it and one Sheriff didn’t even want the copy or talk about it. Sheriff Mim’s of Fresno county, which is surprising since we’ve had miners meet with her before and she was favorable to mining then. We don’t know what’s changed.

The two men AMRA is representing for suction dredging without a permit cited last summer near Fresno had their first court date and pleaded not guilty. AMRA negotiated for their dredge to be returned, which it has. We had expected this case to be dropped by the prosecuting attorney today after he was provided with a copy of Ochoa’s ruling. Nope. He is proceeding with criminal prosecution of these two men and stated Ochoa’s ruling is a civil matter where Jim and Ron’s case is criminal. He also states he is waiting to see if Rinehart’s case is depublished by the CA Supreme Court.

He also stated he is waiting for direction from the CA Atty General, Kamala Harris, the same Kamala Harris who is going to run for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat. Like minded I guess?

This case is going to be costly and could be the next Rinehart case in reference to significance. We could sure use some legal fund money. Please consider joining AMRA, get access to the claims and know that you are fighting the fight.

We are also looking for an AMRA member or two who are in good shape and can travel to the Quincy CA area to prospect two new areas for us. We know there is good gold there already as a friend of ours mined it, but now we need pictures, an evaluation of access and also do some more prospecting. If interested in doing this very soon, send us an email to:

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