AMRA recieves 501(c)(3) status (finally) from IRS

We are very pleased to announce that after two years, AMRA received its 501(c)(3) status yesterday. While this does not affect any members or potential members, it does significantly help the company with donations from corporations. Most corporations require a 501(c)(3) status to make any donation.

We would like your input on companies we should send letters to who might be interested in helping out the small miner/public land access people.

As a start, we have many businesses we intend to send letters to such as (just a few) Kelty Backpacks, Danner Boots, Bass Pro, Jeep, Toyota, Carhart, Ames (shovels) etc…

Please help us compile a list of companies as we all know two heads are better than one and certainly 1000 heads are better than two. Please comment below with businesses or ideas you think will help out the cause.

We face some serious expenses coming up. Jim and Ron, the two men AMRA is representing (at no cost to them) for being cited for suction dredging without a permit had their first day in court yesterday and we firmly believe this case may turn into the Brandon Rinehart case, but this time the evidence will be presented that Brandon didn’t get to, and what the appeals court stated he should have been able to present.

We have many other people we are representing and as you all know, litigation is expensive, but necessary to fight what is happening to our passion, industry and our lands.

One thought on “AMRA recieves 501(c)(3) status (finally) from IRS”

  1. Right on Shannon, this is great news! I am not sure the size of organizations you are looking to reach out to but would imagine any of the dredge manufacturers, like Keene, that stand to benefit from legalized dredging would have enough stake in the matters effecting our rights that they would be worth a call.

    I have heard from numerous gold country small town business owners once dredging was shut down, they noticed a considerable decline in traffic to their town/area. While they more than likely will not have the deepest of pockets to donate from, it may be worth reaching out to some of these business owners/stores, that is unless you are focusing more on medium to large sized companies.

    If that is the case, here are a couple companies worth contacting:
    Briggs and Stratton
    Any Mountain
    Sussie Sport
    Home Depot
    Champion water pumps
    Dick’s Sporting Goods
    Pioneer Mining Supplies
    Western Dredge and Supply
    KG Power
    Any materials manufacturers that make miners moss, tubing or fabricate metal

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