AMRA Outing in 3 days!

We loaded up the AMRA trailer tonight with more prizes than we have ever taken to an outing period.

We are giving away a GOLD CLAIM Saturday and Sunday! This is going to be really cool the way we are giving these away.

Jere and I built tonight a “duck chucker”. Now, before all the enviro’s go nuts….we aren’t actually chucking real ducks. These are rubber ducks and we have built a slingshot system (much larger than a little slingshot) to propel the little beasts towards a particular target. Closest wins, there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with 1st place being their own claim. Filed, recorded, posted and all fee’s paid. It is yours, not AMRA’s and we’ll even help you with your paperwork each year to ensure you keep your “real property mining claim” as long as you want.

We have also changed the food for Saturday night……and for those who are from the Groveland/Greeley Hill/Sonora area can vouch for this. We are having Two Guys Pizza in Groveland bake as many pizza’s as we need for the crowd Saturday night. We have a relay system set up and hot pizza will be delivered to the claim at 5:30 pm……ALL YOU CAN EAT! This is where us locals eat because it’s that good. Trust us, you will love it.

We have water, soda’s, on ice for everyone and we promise nobody is going to go hungry. We’ll even have some of those vegetarian pizza’s I’ve never tried……..Meat, meat and more meat!

The water is slowing considerably at the claim, so we will also bring in the giant tank and have 1500 gallons for anyone and everyone to use.

There are so many prizes that it even surprises me………

Raffle is at 3pm each day, duck chucking at 4pm and dinner Saturday at 5:30.

It is free and fun.

We have plenty of parking for RV’s or large trailers, lots of camp sites and a maintained bathroom on the claim.
We will have signs (AMRA with arrows) pointing each turn from Coulterville, just off of highway 49, about an hour east of Modesto all the way to the claim and outing location, simply follow the brightly colored AMRA signs with arrows on them.

1) From Coulterville, head northeast on Greeley Hill Rd/Main St towards Greeley Hill. Go 8.4 miles.
2) Turn right to stay on Greeley Hill Rd. Go 3.4 miles.
3) Continue onto Briceburg Rd/Bull Creek Rd. Go 0.7 miles across the NF Merced bridge.
4) Slight right onto Briceburg Rd/Bull Creek Rd/State Rte 2S05. Go 4.3 miles.

5) STAY LEFT just past the pavement section and just before the bridge (which is Bull Creek)…..LEFT onto Forest Rte 2S02. Go 1.3 miles.
6) Turn right into campground.
We can’t wait to see you there!

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