AMRA makes donations to Brandon Rinehart and WMA

As many of you know, AMRA is the single largest financial contributor by far to the Brandon Rinehart suction dredge Supreme Court case here in CA, and in keeping with our promise to Brandon and his family to fund him at every opportunity, the AMRA board voted unanimously to make another donation to his legal fund today of $1,000.00 after our successful outing this past weekend. We cannot stress the importance enough of supporting Brandon’s case.


We are also making a $1,000.00 donation to Western Mining Alliance (WMA) to help fund their legal challenges. WMA is a strong ally of AMRA and to be honest folks, these guys are some of the best legal minds in the industry and definitely some of the best writers.

AMRA is donating 2/3’s of the money received at last weeks outing to the cause.

Tonight, AMRA President Shannon Poe will be guest speaking in front of many hundreds of hound hunters at their annual dinner in Turlock. We must unite and support all public land users and this is one of the methods to accomplish this. Outreach is important and if you know of a group which would be interested in our message about the closure of public lands and the loss of our rights, please reach out to us via email at:

Please consider a membership with AMRA or making a small donation folks, the small mining and public land use community is under attack.

Webpage: We now have over 50 proven gold claims in 5 states and are continuing to add additional claims every month.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Pictured: Brandon in Idaho this last year with some gold from one of our mining friends. The gold was mined just upstream from our 4 AMRA claims on the SF Clearwater in idaho.

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