AMRA is heading to Vegas and Arizona

We are heading to Las Vegas for the GPAA gold show today.

Sunday night, we head to the Wickenburg AZ area and will be shooting about 7 new mining videos on our newly added 13 claims in Arizona. We can’t wait to get out of California and get back to mining.

Two weeks from now, we will be at the Mesa GPAA gold show, then returning to CA, the state that was built by miners………..who are now under endless attacks.

We may not be posting quite as much as we normally do as we don’t expect to have internet down in the bottom of a canyon.

We will be filming dredge videos, highbanking, drywashing and metal detecting. Is there anything in particular you folks want us to film/teach you?

For all you Arizona and Southern Nevada folks………..we have 15 claims in Arizona now, join AMRA and get in this fight.

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