AMRA is changing the location of our outing Feb 28th and March 1st


Due to the large amount of responses from interested people that are coming to this outing we need to change locations to accommodate everyone as much as possible.

We are now going to have the outing are our “Office” claim on the same date Feb 28 – March 1st from 9 am – 4 pm. This is a much larger claim area and if we run out of room here there are areas much closer to camp in. WooHoo, there is water in the creek at this claim also, as of today!!

Directions are as follows…
From Coulterville, CA, take J132 through Greeley Hill to Greeley Hill Road. Turn right on Greeley Hill Road. Go straight to one-lane bridge. Turn right onto the dirt road marked Bull Creek Road or Road 20. Follow the road until you cross a small one-lane bridge. Turn left onto road 2S02. Drive about 1½ miles and the campground will be on the right. Turn right into the campground.  WE WILL ALSO HAVE AMRA SIGNS FROM HIGHWAY 49 IN COULTERVILLE ALL THE WAY TO THE CLAIM.

The USFS has a new pit toilet outhouse in the campground we will also have a Portable. We will have multiple trash and recycle cans but we do ask if you would please take out more then you bring in.

There is room for RV’s there but if we run out of room there are locations just up the road and back down the road, both within apx. one mile.

Please make a note of this and re-post to everyone you can.

We also are adding the giveaway of the 10-22 Camo Rifle at this outing (No Longer June Outing) which the winner will be picked on Sundays drawing (do not need to be present to win) and you can make donations at the outing to have a chance to win. This along with many other super great prizes we will be giving away, which you must be present to win. The drawings will occur at 3:45 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Not all prizes on display will be given away on one particular day, they will be split up between days and prizes will be picked at random.

We will make this announcement again the Monday before the outing.

For the folks in RV’s below is a list of possible RV Parks you can use if you need the power and water access or you just dont want to deal with trying to squeeze in, but you should be ok. Make your reservations now……..

—-Yosemite Westlake Campground & RV Park- 6554 Greeley Hill Rd. Coulterville CA- (209) 878-3847 Actually in Greeley Hill. —-Yosemite Pines RV Park- 20450 Old Hwy 120 Groveland CA- (209) 962-7690 Next to the Albie 2 @ claim. —-Yosemite Ridge Resort- 7589 State Hwy 120 Groveland CA- (800) 706-3009 Outside Buck Meadows. —-Yosemite Westgate Lodge- 7633 State Hwy 120 Groveland CA- (209 962-5281 Outside Buck Meadows.

We are really excited and look forward to seeing old and meeting new faces at the outing.
Contact me with any questions at…

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  1. Hey Shannon,Thanx with the lo in problem. Just wanted to remind everyone of the unlimited access to the jenathan12 claim adjacent to the office . This claim is formerly the Tyler’s Dream. Ok see everyone there. Greg

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