AMRA is adding claims!

AMRA claim update:


Our outing is going great and today is the last day. The drawing for the large items is later today and those recipients of these prizes will be contacted either later today or tomorrow by Jon Siptrott, our outings coordinator.

We had many people yesterday at the outing offer to pick up claims for AMRA. Lets run down some pretty exciting additions we are planning to make in our overall claims very, very soon:

We are adding a claim in Nevada
We are adding a claim in the Mojave Desert
We just added a claim on the Cosumnes
We just added a claim on Dogtown creek which flows into the Cosumnes
We are adding TWO claims on the Feather
We are adding another claim on the Yuba
We are adding a claim just south of Placerville
We are adding a claim out of Wickenburg in Arizona
We are adding two claims in Washington State
We are still adding 5 claims in Oregon.

AMRA is growing and we wanted to let everyone know what areas we are expanding to. With people stepping up and volunteering to pick up the claims for AMRA, we can still focus on our litigation, court issue’s and representing the small miner like we have.

If you want to mine exceptional claims and be a part of something making a difference, consider joining AMRA.

6 thoughts on “AMRA is adding claims!

  1. AWESOME! Loved the reroute for the foreign hackers, maybe that way someone will enjoy that ride.

  2. Any info on the new claims near Consumnes, Dogtown, or Placerville yet? I’m looking for somewhere new for this weekend.

  3. Second that, for the claims near Consumnes, Dogtown, and Placerville.

    I hope to be heading out this weekend too. So excited to be a new AMRA member.

    AlienAmerican, If you need a partner I’d love to meet up. I’m new to this
    and would like to meet some members for advice.

  4. Hey Tommy,
    If we can get the info before this weekend, im down for a meet up.

  5. I just got back from the claim on Dogtown Creek with some friends. The creek has been hit hard through there with two GPAA claims above and below it that should come as no surprise. We were able to find a bit of color in the creek. No poison oak to be found but the mosquitoes and ticks are thick.

  6. Great job as always and I appreciate all you do.

    Any idea when the claims on the Feather River will be available?

    Keep up the good work that you do for us.

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