AMRA has been invited to Washington DC

You may have put two and two together now by us asking about, and talking about politicians, Secretary of the Dept. of Ag and other topics recently.

Yes, in fact AMRA has been invited to go to Washington DC to meet with several Trump supporting people and Trump appointed people. We leave in a few weeks and will be there for many days in meetings with these folks, committees, Senators etc…

This is something we’ve been working on for many months and we are introducing an “Act” which we already know some Senators love. It is very similar to an Act recently passed by unanimous consent within the US Senate called Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 .

That means Democrats and Republicans both voted for it. It would hold the folks working within the USFS and the BLM accountable for misbehavior instead of them just being transferred, or in some cases even promoted if they do things outside the scope of their authority. This would get them fired, demoted and reprimanded at the least. It would immediately have an impact on Plans of Operations PoO’s and those within the agencies delaying PoO’s for years. It provides for others working within the agency to be whistleblowers on bad agents and supervisors like a certain one we know in Idaho and more in Montana.

We are in fact also working on a solution at the federal level on suction dredging and it has been embraced quite broadly. We are being told our plan is very sound and Trump can do this quite easily. It won’t screw one state and help another, this helps all states and addresses specifically states like CA and OR which ignore federal law and go tyrannical.

Folks, this is expensive to go to DC and we don’t want Jere wearing that 1988 prom tux with the cute little ruffles on the lapels, he needs a couple of suits. We will need motels, airline tickets, a car and meals.

Please make a donation to AMRA to help us get to these meetings which we have been working on getting for nearly 7 years now. Thankfully, we have a President and many Senators who support him, his agenda and our agenda.

This is our chance………..and we sincerely appreciate your support.

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