AMRA, American Mining Rights Association is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit Association and was created by miners and public land users, for miners and public land users to preserve and maintain their rights as they pertain to access to their public lands and their rights to obtain the minerals on those lands.  We are not a gold club but rather an advocacy group.


Here is a short video about AMRA, who we are, what we offer and will answer most of your questions

Our goal is to unite the miners and land access community to be the primary source of information of what challenges we face today.


With the massive increase in regulations, attacks by various groups trying to deny our access to our public lands, roads, claims, creeks, rivers and mineral prospects, the need to unite the mining and public land use community is essential and long overdue.  One of the biggest frustrations we have is not being informed, of not having a forum, a source of up to date information within our community.  Of not being represented.  AMRA intends to change that.  Our website will be updated daily with news and information on the endless attacks we face, pending and current legislation nationwide and give sound solutions to how to combat this seemingly never ending assault on our liberties.

As miners and public land users, we must unite.  We must tackle these attacks head on, legally and with fervor.

AMRA is different than all other non-profit associations, we don’t give you a T-shirt or a bumper sticker for a donation, we give you access to our gold claims.  Proven claims.  We own these claims, and most have been used to provide us with our incomes.  We are expanding our claim holdings in as many states as we possibly can and access to these claims will be provided to our members.  Our wish would be that every member who mines our claims makes back any donation to us in gold.

We are partnering with gold clubs and other advocacy groups all across America, because if we do not unite, fight back and all join hands, we will likely lose what we currently have.

Join us, stand with us, and let’s unite against losing our liberties.

Simply click on “join us” to make a donation to your legal fund and mine on our claims. To view the claims, go to our “videos” tab at the top of this page and view panoramic videos of each claim, their description, history and location.

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