About the swamp and companies closing your lands…

When we post calls to action and request you to comment to BLM, USFS or whoever needs to hear your voice on an issue is the single most frustrating thing we here at AMRA experience. Making your voice heard is not just crucial, it is paramount in stopping the swamp from taking your lands away from you.
Want to hear how the opposition does it? Want to know what you’re up against? Read this paragraph from a great article from our friends at Free Range Report:
Donors, supporters on email lists, complicit partner organizations, and ideologically-sympathetic businesses will take talking points verbatim and cut and paste them into the comments field to be sent to the Department of Interior. It’s not difficult for one corporate enviro group, Western Priorities, for instance, to blast the government with a couple hundred thousand cloned messages, giving the appearance of overwhelming support for this or that issue.

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