About the EPA

We have long held to the belief that the EPA is the most dangerous government agency in America. They have lost numerous lawsuits for regulatory over-reach, have fined property owners $37,000 per day for digging ponds on their own private property (only to have that reversed by the courts) and have a 7 billion dollar annual budget.

In our own FOIA requests (Freedom Of Information Act) on several issue’s we are working on, they not only charged us thousands of dollars to “copy” documents the public owns, over 50% of what we received back from them were AMRA’s own Facebook posts and comments…..50%. And again, they charged us for them.

The EPA has become so bloated, so ideological and so out of control, they need to be reigned in. Many do not know that the EPA was created by Richard Nixon and an Executive Order. The EPA was not created by Congress and therefore, could be completely abolished with the stroke of President Trump’s pen.

There is a need for some regulation, but it must be reasonable, be backed up by science and not the standard “may, might, possibly, could potentially” harm language we so often see.

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