A very important announcement with GPAA and AMRA

Important announcement:

We are extremely pleased to announce that the GPAA and AMRA have joined hands in the fight for mining rights and public land use.

GPAA contacted us last week and extended a very generous offer to AMRA. They asked us to host the GPAA raffle at their largest gold show of the year in Las Vegas NV April 25th and 26th. GPAA is providing tons of amazing prizes to be raffled each day and has generously offered AMRA to host, and be the recipient of all raffle funds raised during this exciting and fun show.

GPAA is the single largest financial supporter of the mining and public land use fight period, and they have been for many, many years. They have strongly supported, and continue to support PLP, Public Lands for the People and the litigation in CA over suction dredging. Joining GPAA is joining in the fight for land use rights and mining rights.

We at AMRA are very pleased with this proposal and immediately decided to give PLP and the Brandon Rinehart CA Supreme Court defense 1/2 of the raffle money raised during this giant show. PLP has continued to fight for our rights and it is also important we all support them. The Brandon Rinehart case is equally important and will need all of us to support this case.

Please join us in thanking GPAA for continuing to fight for our rights and reaching out to AMRA to join hands with us in this ever growing, and seemingly never ending fight.

Join AMRA and GPAA at the Las Vegas show, it is April 25th and 26th
South Point Hotel and Casino
9777 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89183

Here is a link to the GPAA website and all their gold show announcements:


Thank you GPAA!

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