A short video on suction dredging.

Does a suction dredge grind fish?


We shot this very short video for our presentation during the California Water Board permitting scheme as a result of SB637. It was presented on behalf of the small mining community.

A few things to remember:

A suction dredge removes 98% of the mercury from waterways.
A suction dredge removes 99% of the lead from waterways.
Suction dredges are being used right now by Department of Fish and Game (Wildlife) to “create” fish habitat.
The hose we use is the exact same hose Fish and Game uses to stock fish in ponds, lakes and rivers.
A suction dredge does not pollute.
A suction dredge does not “add” anything to the water.
A suction dredge is not a point source pollutant.
A suction dredge is the only viable, environmentally friendly and economical method to remove gold from underwater deposits on “real property” mining claims.
We pay property taxes on most mining claims.

Do not believe the lies promulgated by the enviro’s……

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