A minute to say “Thank You”.

Today, we’d like to take a minute to thank the many companies, groups and individuals who have helped support AMRA in our never-ending fight for mining rights and public land use. As we sit here and write this extensive list, it is very humbling and we sincerely appreciate the support we have received from each and every one of these companies, clubs, associations and people listed here.  These are by no means all of our supporters, but certainly most.


We urge you to thank these businesses, clubs, groups, and thank everyone by supporting them in turn.


In no particular order………….


Prospector’s Choice

Western Mining Alliance (WMA)

Gold Prospectors Assn of America (GPAA) and all the chapters who have donated time, money and energy. From California, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota and Nevada

Delta Gold Diggers and Robert Guardiola

Joe Greene and Claudia Wise

Proline Mining

A & B Prospecting Supplies

Eureka Joe’s Paydirt

Kevin Hoagland

Gary Bast

Dayton Prospecting

Steve Wandt at Natural Gold Jewelry

Central Coast Gold Prospectors

Gold Killer

Sierrans for Responsible Resource Development

Indian Valley Outpost Resort

East Bay GPAA

Central Valley Prospectors GPAA

Keene Engineering

Wilson Brothers

Mine Lab

American Mining Supply


49’er Miner Supply

Pioneer Mining Supply

AKAU Alaska Gold and Resort LLC

Roaring Camp


Visual Assault Designs (Truck wrap)

Carl and Anne Grissom

Ace Hardware

The over 100 people who have donated access to their mining claims.

Sierra Tactical and Outdoor

Alquist Arms

Black Sheep Mining

Black Cat Mining

Sierra Blaster

Sierra Rivers


Congressman Tom McClintock

Sheriff Doug Binnewies

Sheriff Doug Giddings

USFS Engine 43 Firefighters (Coulterville CA)

Two Guys Pizza Groveland CA

Modesto Houndsmen


Scotty Rey

Gold Prospectors Space Radio

Route 66

Mad Mining


UPI United Prospectors Inc

Coarsegold Gold Prospectors

Road Runners of Arizona

Better Basics Mining

Gold Gettin Gadgets

Gold Radio Talk

Diggers (King George and Ringy)

Sierra Restoration

Sierrans for Responsible Resource Development

Galice Mining District

Jefferson Mining District

Yosemite Westlake RV Park


And most importantly, the AMRA staff who have dedicated and devoted so much of their valuable time and energy to AMRA over the years.


We sincerely thank all of you.

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