A message from us at AMRA

As you all know by now, we are facing some significant challenges with the never ending assault on small mining and public land use all across America. With the election of Mr. Trump, it appears to have some lights shining at the end of that tunnel.
Take for example some of these things we are working on and some of the issue’s we all face:
The Brandon Rinehart case, a small miner who was cited for dredging on his claim in California, has worked its way through the very Liberal CA courts is being presented to the Supreme Court of the United States. AMRA has been Brandon’s largest financial supporter due to your generous donations and memberships. PLF, Pacific Legal Foundation is taking this case to SCOTUS at no cost to Brandon and his family. Thank you PLF.
We are representing a man in Arizona whom the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has kicked him off of the claim he’s owned since 2006. They are demanding an unbelievable 5 figure bond just so he can park his trailer on the claim, which he has been approved to do for over 10 years. Yet another example of complete government over-reach and harassment.
We are working with two gold clubs out of South Dakota on land closures due to environmental group pressure to close tens of thousands of acres due to a plant.
We are working with Western Mining Alliance (WMA) on some behind the scenes proposals which will address some of the regulatory nightmares left over from the Obama Administration. We do not disclose what this is in specificity because we do not want to telegraph to the Soros funded groups what this is and what it will do…..yet
We have filed a Federal tort claim against the USFS and some of their agents over two LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) demanding to see ID from two highly decorated military war veterans who were panning on their mining claim. When one of the veterans asked why he is required to show ID for being on their claim panning which was completely legal, the LEO pulled out her Taser and pointed it directly at his forehead and demanded he “show me your F’ing ID”. These same three LEO’s were also randomly stopping vehicles (that had nothing to do with mining) driving on improved gravel roads, demanding all occupants get out of the vehicle, put their hands on the hood (even small children) then they would search the vehicles without any reason or probable cause. There is a thing called the 4th Amendment which is supposed to protect the public from this. We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior to go unchallenged. AMRA is funding the litigation on behalf of these people.
We have testified numerous times this year on the CA Water Board permitting scheme Democrat Senator Ben Allen (D-Hollywood) passed strictly on party lines using excluded data on suction dredging to achieve a negative impression of suction dredging.
We are representing a man in Southern CA whom the USFS is locking and blocking (gate) his family from accessing their claim.
We are representing a man in Idaho whom the USFS is locking and blocking (gate) his family from accessing their claim.
We are representing a man in Washington whom the USFS is locking and blocking (gate) his family from accessing their claim.
We are representing a man in Northern CA whom the USFS is locking and blocking (gate) his family from accessing their claim.
We are representing another man and his wife in Nothern CA whom the USFS is locking and blocking (gate) his family from accessing their claim.
We are representing two men in Northern CA whom the BLM is actively trying to take their claim away due to a clerical error on the part of the BLM.
We are working with a man in Nevada whom the BLM is actively trying to invalidate his mine which they allowed him to file, then took it away.
We have 17 other people whom have reached out to us whom we are assisting on legal issues either with the USFS or BLM over unbelievable and blatant violations of these agencies violating their own code of conduct, or policy manuals.
We are working on several issues just in the State of Idaho. The primary issue being the USFS in the Nez Perce NF who has restricted the number of dredges to just 15 even though there are over 80 mining claim owners. This was not only illegal, but they ignored the studies showing dredging has no adverse effects and ignored the hundreds of people who opposed this power grab. We have laid the ground work for a tort claim and this needs to be challenged.
We had over 40 public speaking engagements last year talking about public land use and educated the public on what their rights are. We have just as many scheduled this year.
We currently field no less than 20 requests weekly now for help from someone, somewhere in the United States whom an agency is attempting, or actually is, taking away their fundamental rights on public lands.
Our point of this post is this folks: This all takes money to help these people and hold these government agencies accountable.
We rarely ask for donations as it really isn’t in our blood to ask. So we create fund raisers to generate the revenue we need to continue with the incredible work that AMRA does on a daily basis.
This is one of the reasons why we are hosting our own, giant Gold and Great Outdoor Show in Auburn CA this coming September. Are you a vendor who wants a booth? Contact us at: support@americanminingrights.com, or simply click on “contact us” from this website.  We are looking at 80 vendors for this show, hunting, fishing, mining, RV’s, 4WD and camping vendors, clubs and groups are signing up. It is long past time we all unite.
How can you help? We have four options for you.
We have another live raffle we are hosting with the GPAA for the Las Vegas show on April 22nd and 23rd. It will be broadcast live on the GPAA FB page and we hope to broadcast it on ours as well. You do NOT need to be present to win and there are over $13,000 in prizes! Most of the prizes are mining equipment, metal detectors, a brand new Proline 4″ dredge, a 3″ Proline combo/highbanker, trips to Roaring Camp, Gold Cubes and much, much more.
Here is how you can purchase tickets:
Order your raffle tickets by calling (209) 266-2844 — Ticket breakdown is as follows:
$5 = 3 tickets
$10 = 7 tickets
$20 = 15 tickets
$40 = 35 tickets
$60 = 60 tickets
$100 = 125 tickets
We will be drawing the tickets LIVE on Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd. Tune in…
We have added 15 claims to AMRA just in the past two weeks. AMRA’s claim holdings are nearly 80 claims in 5 states now and growing rapidly. People are donating claims right and left to us, and after we validate (and mine them to make sure they meet our high expectations) we are adding them to our holdings.
Have a claim you would like to donate access to? Contact us at: support@americanminingrights.com. We require you keep the claim, AMRA does not own any claims. People who own the claims donate the access to AMRA members.
We currently have 77 proven claims in 5 states and will be adding several more over the next few weeks. You can join AMRA by clicking on “join us”. A $200 membership is good for unlimited access to all of our mining claims for the entire family and yes, you keep all the gold.
AMRA has experienced a dramatic growth spurt this past year and we want to continue the exceptional work and help we provide to the public.
Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. AMRA is not a club, but a public land use and small mining advocacy association who educates the public on their fundamental rights and offers free legal advice to those in need when possible and prudent. Simply click on “donate”.
Lastly, thank you to all our volunteers and especially our staff for tirelessly fighting your butts off for the little guys.

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