A little note about the USFS

Since we have returned from our trip to Idaho we have received an overwhelming number of calls from miners and public land users all across the west with documented problems with the USFS. Problems like ignoring Plans of Operation applications, in some cases for years….they are supposed to respond to them within 30 days. They’ve been told “we are not going to let you mine no matter what you do”.
Other issues include blatantly putting up gates on roads which have been in existence for over a hundred years. Blocking and/or destroying roads for access to real property mining claims.
How about telling a miner “we don’t give a s**t” about RS2477″ and “sue us if you want”. This is precisely what we are going to expose, and change. RS2477 is settled law and requires roads in existence since 1976 remain open in nearly all instances.
We’d also like to remind everyone first of all that not all USFS employees are like this, we believe it is actually a much smaller number than the good folks. Some of our close friends work for the USFS and they are as fed up with this type of behavior and attitude they despise as much as you.
This is why many, many within the USFS have come to us to expose these people……..and expose them we will.
Have a problem with the USFS? Send us an email: support@americanminingrights.com

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