A little about the electoral college…

We have been fielding quite a few questions about the electoral college and the push by many on the left to have the electoral college electors vote “their conscious” and not vote for Mr. Trump. Their claim is he is not qualified.

Need we remind everyone how they applauded and cheered when Mr. Obama was elected? A man with zero experience in politics, business or running anything. Mr. Obama was a community organizer.

Now, a hugely successful business man with connections doesn’t meet their standards.

Hollywood B and C list actors even have a video pleading for them to not vote Trump.

Even if (and it isn’t going to happen in large enough numbers) they voted for Hillary, it would then fall on the House of Representatives and there is zero chance (OK, maybe .0000001%) this election will be stolen from the person who legally won.

I wouldn’t worry about this folks. The one thing which is happening as a result of all of this, the Liberal left is displaying just how hypocritical they are.

Here is a link to the video being put out by the actors right now:

Celebrities beg electors to vote against Trump

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