A great story from our dinner in Chino CA

Well we had a great dinner down in Chino CA for the So Cal folks and wanted to share a little story you will all laugh at and applaud.
First of all we’d like to thank the many, many vendors, manufacturers and sponsors of the tremendous prizes we gave away…..nearly $30,000 in prizes!
Roaring Camp https://roaringcampgold.com/
Keene Engineering http://keeneeng.com
Proline Mining http://www.prolinemining.com
Lowes https://www.lowes.com
Boneyard Mining and Fabrication
GPAA and Kevin Hoagland (our MC) http://www.goldprospectors.org
Bridgestone https://www.bridgestonetire.com/
The Lema family
and many, many others who donated prizes.
So, one of the grand prizes was a Proline 4″ dredge. When the ticket was pulled, guess who won it?
Pat Keene of Keene Engineering!
The crowd erupted in laughter at the irony of him winning the dredge of his competitor, but Pat being Pat immediately gifted it back to the raffle and Lexi, a young lady won the dredge.
I’ve known some generous people in my time, but this has to be the best, heartwarming example of generosity I’ve ever seen.
Pat Keene, we are proud to call you our friend. You epitomize what it is to be a small miner in America.

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