Detwiler fire

Gun raffle to help our local community after the devastating Detwiler Fire

As most of you know, we had one helluva fire up near our home base close to Yosemite. Many of our friends lost everything in their fridge and freezer, some lost their pets, some lost their land and some even lost their homes. Many rely on the meat they had to carry them through the […]

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Detwiler fire burning in AMRA’s backyard……literally!

Midnight update in Greeley Hill CA, July 19th.   First of all, after reading the other post on our Facebook page, panic is a strong term and we are fine. Thanks to Don Siegel, Joe Harrison, Joe Lema, Cathy Lema, and Bobby Alquist, we saved about $20,000 worth of equipment tonight. We pulled all this […]

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