End Run


Claim name: End Run
Location: Stanton, Arizona
GPS Corners 34.162822 -112.723410
34.163340 -112.721695
34.161799 -112.721423
34.161667 -112.722260
34.162469 -112.723423
Size: 20 acres
Claim Description: Located a few hundred feet outside of historic Stanton, Arizona.  This area has a very rich history of mining. Anything from dust to flakes and larger nuggets.
Dangers: Snakes. Dehydration. Heat, depending on the time of year. In 1892, a Prescott newspaper reported that the residents of Stanton liked to “drink blood, eat fried rattlesnakes and fight mountain lions”. Be careful out there.
Access: Four-wheel drive, high clearance recommended.  Access is via several un-named and un-signed roads, the pictures and maps below, as well as a good gps unit will help.  Claim owners are especially sensitive in this area – for good reason.  Please make sure you are on the claim before setting up your operation.
Gold: Dust, flakes, and the occasional nugget.
Methods of mining: Drywashing, recirculating highbanker, Metal Detecting. There is no water, except what you bring with you.
History: Very interesting read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanton,_Arizona
Video: For a panoramic video of the claim, (coming soon)
Directions: Directions from Phoenix, AZ. can be found HERE

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Aerial view:




Topographical map of the claim:



Directions from Phoenix, AZ

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