Anna Bella


Claim name: Anna Bella (CAMC 0314586)
Location: Approximately 3.5 miles NW of Briceburg, CA (as the crow flies)
GPS Corners 37.6329, -119.9974
37.6338, -119.9940
37.6321, -119.9940
37.6311, -119.9974
Size: 15 acres
Claim Description: Located at the junction of Ponderosa and Bear Creek roads. Seasonal creek on the claim.
Dangers: Snakes. Bears. Heat, depending on the time of year. There is evidence of A LOT of bear activity, scat all over the place in early winter, 2016.
Access: Access could be rough, 4WD or High-clearance vehicle recommended. Other than that, it’s a drive-up, with the road passing through the middle of the claim. Good wilderness camping nearby.
Gold: Fine gold, smaller flakes, and the occasional nugget.
Methods of mining: Highbanking, Hand-sluice, Metal Detecting, Panning. There is a seasonal creek which will go dry mid summer – depending on the previous winter’s snow/rain. During drier months it may be just a trickle. If you are doing any water-based mining, you’ll want to dam the creek and recirculate (please tear down your dam when done) Be prepared for *no* water at certain times of the year. There is a spring nearby, but may be nothing more than a trickle during the drier months.
History: This area has a very rich history, with many placer and lode mines on record. The entire “Snowflake Group” has incredible potential, but was mostly ignored by the old-timers due to unreliable water supply. AMRA’s trip to investigate this area in the late fall of 2016 was very productive.
Video: For a panoramic video of the claim, (coming soon)
Directions: Directions from Coulterville, CA can be found HERE

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