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EPA sue and settle being targeted by Pruitt

This should put a smile on the face of those who think the EPA and the sue and settle tactics by the enviro groups are out of control; PRESS RELEASE: News Releases from Headquarters›Office of the Administrator (AO) Administrator Pruitt

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Outstanding article on how the environmental groups steal your money

Equal Access to Justice Act often aids those who frustrate forest restoration By Michael D. Boeck   April 11, 2017 2:11 PM Recent articles’ illustrate the philosophical differences between those who support responsible forest management and those who are against

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Update on the BLM/Barstow road closures

Barstow/BLM illegal road closures… We are home after a rather interesting weekend down in Barstow CA. We’ll take you through the time line of what happened with the BLM and their closure of the roads leading to the validly held

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Update on the Ketchum family

Nearly a week ago now, we told you about the Ketchum family, dear friends and lifetime members of AMRA who lost everything in the fire near Santa Rosa. The Boston news channel picked up the story…. Boston natives lose

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Thursday night update on the Barstow/BLM road closures

Update on the Barstow/BLM road closures.   We spent much of today on the phone with attorney’s, County Supervisors, other elected folks, the media and our own staff. Not to mention dealing with an injured pup, our boy Charlie. He’s

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Barstow/BLM road closure update

Update on the Barstow/BLM road closure issue. We have not had our final conference with the BLM. We pushed the call to tomorrow so we can review some final legal documents. We have all of the management plans, the lawsuit

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AMRA met with Congressional, Senatorial and Assembly aides on your behalf today

The picture here was taken today. This is in front of the Bear River sign at the entrance to the public area near Auburn CA. We drove there today and AMRA pressed to be included (on your behalf) in a

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Nanny-state Forest Service has priorities all out of whack

Roasting marshmallows, not forests If you have fond memories of roasting marshmallows around the campfire, and making s’mores with the kids, you may be surprised to learn that you’ve been doing it wrong all this time. Fortunately, the U.S. Forest

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The Ketchum’s lost all of their possessions in the fire. How you can help

About Britt and Zak Ketchum and their loss of homes, shop and vehicles in a rabid wildfire in California last night. I just got off the phone with Britt and he’s well……Britt. I could tell it’s stressful, but Britt is

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Two of our beloved AMRA families lose everything in a fire last night

We have just been notified that two of AMRA’s beloved members (one a lifetime member) have both lost their homes due to raging fires last night near Loma Rica. Britt Ketchum lost his home, all his mining equipment (so many

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Gold and Great Outdoor Show

Welcome to AMRA’s first Gold and Great Outdoor show! On September 23-24, 2017, AMRA will be joined by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts in the largest Gold and Great Outdoors Show at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, Ca.

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