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Oregon needs our help. From the GPAA President in Portland

Oregon is currently under attack like California has been for a number of years. Senate Bill SB838B would effectively destroy all mining in Oregon. They plan to impose a moratorium like CA and unless we act now, it will pass.

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Yet another unlawful move by the opposition in Sacramento to ban nearly every type of mining for their agenda. Emergency Rulemaking Approved for Suction Dredge Mining June 28, 2013 by ahughan The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) today approved an

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Regulation gone wild in Eastern Washington

June 29, 2013 in Letters, Opinion Mining highly scrutinized Print Email I have a recreational mining claim on a tributary that eventually feeds into the North Fork of the Clearwater River. The idiot that posted those signs should be prosecuted, but

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Where to dredge for gold

The Challenge Of Prospecting Beginning prospectors often have the misguided idea that they can just walk out in the stream and find gold. But, if it was that easy to find gold then we would all be millionaires. Dredging for

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what is a gold dredge

Turn A Profit By Using A Gold Dredge “There’s gold in dem’ there hills!” That one statement has led many men to fortune. But, quite often, the fortune was not in the hills, but in the creeks and rivers running

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What is a gold claim

Staking Claims For Gold & Other Valuable Minerals Properties that are owned by a state or the federal government are normally considered to be public property.  However, you cannot extract valuable materials – including gold – from that property without

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How to pan for gold

The New American Gold Rush We’ve all seen the iconic American image – dozens of old west prospectors squatting next to a creek with a shallow pan.  This is actually a very accurate depiction of what mineral-rich rivers and streams

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How to mine for gold

Pit & Shaft Gold Mines It’s very easy to sit on a riverbank with a shallow pan and find a few flakes of gold, but if you really want to make a profit with gold prospecting, you’ll probably need to

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How to high bank for gold

Why High Banking? There is gold all over the United States, the only problem is getting it. The technology of mining has improved over the years. Traditional panning was replaced with sluicing, and now sluicing has been greatly improved with

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How to dredge for gold

Gold Dredging In The United States When the gold dredge was first created to mine placer gold from rivers and streams it was a multi-story piece of heavy equipment that took several people to operate effectively.  Gold dredges today are

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Gold and Great Outdoor Show

Welcome to AMRA’s first Gold and Great Outdoor show! On September 23-24, 2017, AMRA will be joined by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts in the largest Gold and Great Outdoors Show at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, Ca.

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