Author: Jon Siptrott

Paid cash 5/7/14 through John Ratley.

New Outing Date

We have another outing planned and want to see everyone there! Members, non-members, kids, general public, all are welcome. This outing is open to everyone for FREE! YES FREE! August 8th-9th at “The Office” Back to work NO! This is the name of the claim about 20 miles East of Coulterville. There is still good […]

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AMRA Outing just a Few Days Away!!!

OUTING REMINDER!! The outing is May 16-17 starting on Saturday at 9 am and will go until Sunday at 4 pm. There will be AMRA signs posted from Coulterville to the claim and directions below. Many fine folks came out last weekend and helped clear the grounds so we can try to fit everyone as […]

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