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5 months ago
Stanford University Random Sampling Test Shows Coronavirus More Widespread and Less Deadly Than 'Experts' Claimed - California Globe

It turns out the “experts” from Imperial College were wrong in their early computer model of the coronavirus. Imperial College originally predicted that more than 500,000 people could die in the ... See more

5 months ago
Norwalk's Bill Bader, Jr: "We're Not Asking For Permission, We Are Opening This Racetrack"

We think many businesses in America are going to take this path very soon of opening.

At some point, and we may already be there, the cure becomes much more costly in lives than the disease.

The ... See more

5 months ago

In case you need a little more explanation of the new rules concerning the virus 😳

The Rules:
1. Basically, you can't leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can.
2. Masks ... See more

5 months ago
Bill of Rights - Bill of Rights Institute

If this document "triggers" you, perhaps you should find another page to follow.

5 months ago
N.Y.C. Death Toll Soars Past 10,000 in Revised Virus Count

One would think accuracy in reporting the numbers affected with Covid19 would be of utmost importance. Apparently not.

They added thousands to the statistics even though they never were ... See more

5 months ago

Who wants to win a HALF POUND of gold?

Our close friends at the Waldo Mining District are holding a raffle in a few short weeks to raise funds for their case on suction dredging they have presented ... See more

5 months ago
Center for American Liberty Sues Gov. Newsom, AG Becerra and Many County Officials Over Church Ban - California Globe

We strongly question the constitutionality of many of the closures Governor Newsom has done in California during the Chinese Virus lockdown.

Seems other do as well and are now suing over it.

5 months ago
2020 Meetings

California fishermen.........

We are now all aware of the utter fiasco which happened last week with the Department of Fish and Wildlife when they attempted to hold a meeting on fishing closures in ... See more

5 months ago
COVID-19 Update: California announces reopening pact with Western states

“We will be driven by facts. We will be driven by evidence. We will be driven by science. We will be driven by our public health advisers, and we will be driven by the collaborative spirit that ... See more

5 months ago
Professor Didier Raoult Releases the Results of a New Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Study on 1061 Patients – COVEXIT.com

The hydroxychloroquine/Zpac treatments look like they have some pretty astounding success with treating Covid19.

This is a newly published paper on that treatment.

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