Day: July 29, 2017

Highbanking and the DFW illegal confiscation of equipment………..twice.

A few weeks ago we brought you a story of 8 miners, one a claim owner allowing his buddies to mine with him and of a DFW (CA Fish and Wildlife) officer confiscating their foot valve on their highbanker alleging they were violating the 5653(g) section of the DFW regulations.  The miner was told he […]

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A new gold rush is on. The Los Angeles Time article

Several months ago we took a reporter and his camera crew out on our claims to discuss flood gold and how the landscape changed this past year.  This is that article: Before Shannon Poe started prospecting, he did his homework. Poe, 55, quit his job in 2009 as the director of loss prevention for a […]

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